You're no better, you know you're no better than him

trying too hard is what I'm good at
it's what I know
it's the only way I know how to get what I want
but what if I were to completely stop?
that's what scares me
if I stop, I know I won't get anything I want
trying this hard keeps me in control
and when I fail, I know I did my best
I did all that I could.
But I promised myself I wouldn't do this again.
And you're starting to act like him
Which is starting to scare me.
I push people away.
I'm trying so hard to wind up with nothing in the end
You don't try at all.
Not a sign.
Not a word.
Just the smallest of gestures mean the most to me.
I don't want the world
I don't want anything at all
Just to see you would be more then enough.

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