so this was my dream last night

I was sleeping, but then I had 2 cats jump on me and woke me up
they were the white cat and orange cat from my therapists backyard.
I couldnt go back to sleep so I went for a walk
but I wasn't walking in ridgewood, I was walking through a forest
I got to the farmer's oval somehow and sat in my usual spot
I saw though that the moon was nowhere to be found
There was a paintset in my pocket, so I took out the paint
and painted the stars and the moon
but not white
I made the night sky shine of colours
As the train passed by the field, I painted that too
The cop cars, the regular cars, the people, I painted them all.
I went back to the field, where I sat down and just looked at the sky
Then I felt someone tap on my shoulder
It was you
I asked you why you were here
and you said
"you think I would want to miss you colouring the sky? The night sky where I was, don't get me wrong, it's full of stars, but it doesn't compare to a night sky that you made"

....then I woke up.

first dream i've had in a while

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