It was a mastery of failure

I wish that I could walk away
guilt rests in my hands
I know that it is for the better
I never said that I'd compromise
between fact or fiction
there's so much better out there
than you and me
I could end this in seconds
I know it but I don't dare

Another sentence this all could be over
Your words are like weapons why can't you protect me

It's a work of art
the way this fell apart
was the design too faded from the start
or was the artist just too blinded by this
no it's common sense I lack the confidence
still I'll confess all these things to you

Take a look at yourself
and tell me what do you see
I'd take a bullet for you
you'd put a bullet through me
and as I lay on the floor
with this hole in my chest
Can you walk from the truth
with all that blood on your chest

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