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A New Vibrator by Yves Behar Arouses Our Interest

BY ALISSA WALKERTue Nov 3, 2009 at 9:46 AM

Yves Behar Form 2

Most people only need to look at design's reigning sex symbol Yves Béhar to get excited, but for those of you who need a bit more stimulation, you can now make Béhar a part of your most intimate moments by employing his Form 2 vibrator. The vaguely bunny-shaped Form 2 is a collaboration between Béhar's fuseproject and Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane (known for its many candy-colored pleasure-delivering devices).


The Form 2 takes a two-pronged approach to the vibrator, giving its user what they're calling "Sensation in Stereo." The "ears" can be positioned independently like a Gumby action figure for maximum, um, range, and the entire thing is made from phthalate-free platinum silicone to be completely waterproof. There's even a cute iPod-esque docking station for charging and it can operate UP TO SEVEN HOURS on a single charge.



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And here's another valuable bit of information for your morning: Apparently during the development process (seen above, with Béhar demonstrating the device's powerful ergonomic grip), Form 2 became known as "Little Perky," but, they say, "you can name yours whatever you like." Can we name ours Yves?

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