It's chapstick, and chapped lips, and things like chemistry.

I was sorting the books today
and I looked at my chem textbook from last year
I decided to do a gas problem
because that was the one topic I actually have always enjoyed
even in high school

2KClO3(s) -> 2KCl + 3O2

The oxygen produced was collected by displacement of water at 22 C at a total pressure of 754 torr. The volume of the gas was .650 L, and the vapor pressure of water at 22 C is 21 torr. Calculate the partial pressure of O2 in the gas collected and the mass of KClO3 in the sample that was decompressed.

Partial pressure of O2
Ptotal=Po2 + PH20+21 torr=754 torr
Partial pressure of O2=733 torr=.964 atm

Number of moles of O2

V=.065 L
T=295 K
R=.08206 L*atm/K*mol

nO2=2.59 x 10^-2 mol

mole ratio= 2mol KClO3/ 3 mol O2

2.59 x 10^-2 mol O2 * (2mol KClO3/ 3 mol O2)= 1.73 x 10^-2 mol KClO3

1.73 x 10^-2 mol KClO3 * (122.6 g KClO3/1 mol KClO3)= 2.12 g KClO3

I'm sometimes awesome

Oh and by the way
fuck you magnesium.
with your 2+ oxidation
and your 24.31 molar mass.
plus that silly half reaction of Mg 2+ + 2e- -> Mg giving you a reduction potential of -2.37 V
oh and don't think I forgot about your entropy of 33 joules per mol kelvin
and that you don't have entropy or free energy
therefore you SHOULDN'T EXCIST!
because you make me sick to my stomach
... literally >.<

on a note not concerning my bowel movements
my mohawk is hella.

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